trimesh.voxel.creation.local_voxelize(mesh, point, pitch, radius, fill=True, **kwargs)#

Voxelize a mesh in the region of a cube around a point. When fill=True, uses proximity.contains to fill the resulting voxels so may be meaningless for non-watertight meshes. Useful to reduce memory cost for small values of pitch as opposed to global voxelization.

  • mesh (trimesh.Trimesh) – Source geometry

  • point ((3, ) float) – Point in space to voxelize around

  • pitch (float) – Side length of a single voxel cube

  • radius (int) – Number of voxel cubes to return in each direction.

  • kwargs (parameters to pass to voxelize_subdivide) –


voxels – or None if the volume is empty

Return type:

VoxelGrid instance with resolution (m, m, m) where m=2*radius+1

trimesh.voxel.creation.voxelize(mesh, pitch, method='subdivide', **kwargs)#

Voxelize the given mesh using the specified implementation.

See voxelizers for available implementations or to add your own, e.g. via voxelizers[‘custom_key’] = custom_fn.

custom_fn should have signature (mesh, pitch, **kwargs) -> VoxelGrid and should not modify encoding.

  • mesh (Trimesh object (left unchanged).) –

  • pitch (float, side length of each voxel.) –

  • method (implementation method. Must be in fillers.) –

  • **kwargs (additional kwargs passed to the specified implementation.) –

Return type:

A VoxelGrid instance.