, file_type=None, **kwargs)#

Load a file to a Path file_object.

  • file_obj (One of the following:) –

    • Path, Path2D, or Path3D file_objects

    • open file file_object (dxf or svg)

    • file name (dxf or svg)

    • shapely.geometry.Polygon

    • shapely.geometry.MultiLineString

    • dict with kwargs for Path constructor

    • (n,2,(2|3)) float, line segments

  • file_type (str) – Type of file is required if file file_object passed.


path – Data as a native trimesh Path file_object

Return type:

Path, Path2D, Path3D file_object

Get a list of supported path formats.


loaders – Extensions of loadable formats, ie: [‘svg’, ‘dxf’]

Return type:

list of str