trimesh.interfaces.blender.boolean(meshes: Iterable, operation: str = 'difference', use_exact: bool = False, use_self: bool = False, debug: bool = False)

Run a boolean operation with multiple meshes using Blender.

  • meshes – List of mesh objects to be operated on

  • operation – Type of boolean operation (“difference”, “union”, “intersect”).

  • use_exact – Use the “exact” mode as opposed to the “fast” mode.

  • use_self – Whether to consider self-intersections.

  • debug – Provide additional output for troubleshooting.


The result of the boolean operation on the provided meshes.

Return type:


trimesh.interfaces.blender.unwrap(mesh, angle_limit: float = 66.0, island_margin: float = 0.0, debug: bool = False)

Run an unwrap operation using blender.